Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Yankeetorial: Three trades the Yankees must make before the deadline

As Yankee fans, our winning thirsts must be sated. It's time for Brian Cashman to get off his cushioned, patsy-watsy ergonomic office swivel chair and down to the business of trading human flesh.

Three moves that must be made.

1. IF prospect Brandon Laird to Scranton for 3B Eric Chavez. Yes, it's tough to deal a young hitter like Laird, but he has no future as Yankee 3B. If Chavez stays healthy, he'll hold 3B until Arod returns and then become DH. He's the best hitter out there.

2. Steve Garrison to SWB for RP Rafael Soriano. Again, we hate to see Garrison go, but Scranton is out of the MLB Wild Card race, and Soriano could be this year's Kerry Wood.

3. If Phil Hughes or anyone falters, move him to the bullpen and trade Hector Noesi or Benny Ayala to SWB for Ivan Nova. The key is Nova: He's 8-4, and his last three starts were primo. He's had a rest, so he won't be pitched out by September.

Avoid the Ubaldo Jiminez "Herschel Walker deal" scenarios.

Remember: The Herschel Walker deal only worked for the Cowboys, which traded Walker. It killed the Minnesota Vikings for four years.


Tom Coughlin said...

It also killed the Giants.

Joe De Pastry said...

If Hughes has another bad start I'd rather trade him for Nova and hold on to Noesi, especially.

Maybe they should have had stricter Hughes Rules last year.

Joe De Pastry said...

This just popped-up on RAB:

The Yankees made their first trade deadline deal today. Joel Sherman reports that they have acquired Eric Chavez from the disabled list in exchange for Brandon Laird going back to Triple-A. Chavez is in the lineup and playing third base tonight. The Yankees had an open 40-man roster spot thanks to Brian Gordon fleeing for Korea, so no other move was required. Welcome back, Chavy.