Sunday, July 17, 2011

Brian Cashman in His Idiot Garb

Brian Cashman may not be a total idiot but he acts as such when it comes to trading young Yankee pitching prospects.

His success record in this franchise-destroying ( or franchise-building, if you are on the other side of a yankee deal ) endeavor is less than Ramiro Pena's batting average.

Right now , today, we have to watch the following young, former prospects, blossoming for other teams:

1. Tyler Clippard
2. Jeff Karstens
3. Ian Kennedy
4. Marc Melancon

Meanwhile, Ivan Nova ( the best young prospect we have seen in years ) is looking for a clean towel in a cinder block shower room in Scranton, desperately hoping to be traded along with Montero, Noise, Vasquez and Banuelos for some has-been, pre-surgery flop on the Rockies.

A guy, by the way, who appeared to be a talent, then crashed, then put together two decent outings, after which the Rockies decided they could deal him. What does that tell you?

It tells me they know he is about to break down, but they got lucky two games running. The obvious answer: pretend we are out of this year's race and deal him to some idiot general manager, from whom the Rockies can steal away their best young talent in the process.

Quick: "Call Brian Cashman!!!"

Every single team knows to do this at this time of year.

The best deal the Yankees can make is to let Cashman walk somewhere else.


David Ballela said...

After hitting 10 HR's in what seemed like his first 5 games Jorge Vazquez now has 21. His BA has sunk to .254 with 109 K's in 299 AB's. He also has hands that make Nuni look like Clete Boyer. We couldn't even get Javier Vazquez for him.

Joe De Pastry said...

I thought you were an Abalaladaldejo
fan? Too late to knock the Clippard trade.