Thursday, July 21, 2011

Hugo and Eric Chavez: The Comeback Cousins

We've heard about Eric's comeback in Florida. Now, just a few hundred miles away we hear of cousin Hugo's spirited fight from a Cuban hospital:
Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez indicated he retains key powers even after delegating responsibilities to aides as he approved a budget from the hospital in Cuba, where is undergoing chemotherapy for cancer.


fidel said...

cuba si, yanqui no

Joe De Pastry said...

They probably both got stem cell injections. [BTW, do those things work as a permanent Viagra substitute?]
And why no updates on A-Weird? Could he be in some Central American country undergoing some sort of unorthodox treatment?

Derek Jeter said...

Hugo Chavez puede chupar mi "edge."

Alex said...

Hi Joe. I'm doing fine. Thanks for asking. I'm in Canada visiting Anthony Galea. He sends his regards to Eric Chavez.