Monday, September 8, 2008

As Bronze Medal Quest Fades, Yanks Seek Honorable Mention in AL East

Rarely is a New York team considered for the AL East's prestigious Honorable Mention award.
But word has leaked that this 2008 Yankee team is currently on the short list of candidates for this prestigious honor, which comes with a check for $100!

Don't get your hopes up so fast, Yank fans.
There's three weeks left to play, and if we dream too much, we'll jinx it. But imagine the look of pride on ARod's face if he could lead the team to an Honorable Mention -- in only his fourth year with the team.
It might look something like this:

Pictured below, receiving Honorable Mention Consideration Awards at the recent MLB Awards Banquet: (left to right) Capt. Jeter, Ms. Wilson Betemit, Alex Rodriguez, Mrs. George Steinbrenner, Msgr. John Damon, Officer I.P. Ondafloor.

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