Monday, September 22, 2008

The last inning, in case you went to bed

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Anonymous said...

I didnt really think last night would feel as sad as it did. The opening ceremony made me want them to stay there more then ever.
To lead into the last game with a strong homestand in a year like this, then that opening ceremony, the game itself getting the win and having all the right people play (Girardi did a great job), and that closing with Jeter and his team.
The way the fans sent the stadium out and didnt let this season get in the way of it. The team thanking the fans, the fans thanking the past and present. It was a lovefest. Amazing day. A great moment in Yankee history.

On a side note it also felt like there was a nice underlying tribute to the 96-?? dynasty. If felt like closure for it. That along with Jeters speech really gave me some confidence with them going to a new park. The team is ready for a new start now.