Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Time to Examine the Yankee's Investment Portfolio

I just read a headline that states," Capitalism is dead, now what?"

And that got me to thinking about the Yankee plans for the off-season.

Much has been speculated about acquiring some actual players such as; AJ Burnett, CC Sabathia and a few other super inflated paycheck position players, so I thought we needed to take a look at the Yankee's investment portfolio to see if, like those of many others', it may have taken a recent "hit" in the market plunge to last place.

In other words, can the Yankees realistically afford to acquire anyone, much less pay who they've got now?

Big George, of course, was a shipping magnate who converted to a real estate magnate , who converted to a Sports' Franchise magnate.

So let's first look at real estate; sub-prime portfolio investments + Alt A portfolio investments+ financing of REITs around the league = major surgery to net worth.

On the conservative side, how much was George's organization carrying in Bear securities? Or Fannie and Freddie ( both equity and preferred )? Everyone had AIG equity. How much did George buy from Ace Greenberg?

Did the Yankees CFO purchase Lehman credit default swaps to insure player loans for excess condos and McMansions?

Lehman preferred stock was throwing off a great yield until it "balked" the other day.

It makes one wonder just how much cabbage Hank and Hal still have to play with?

I think the naming rights to the stadium may soon have to be assumed by the Federal Govt.

Can't you see it now : Welcome to Palin Stadium....we still love Moose.

Everyone still breathing after this afternoon should immediately go to a bar and buy several drinks on credit.


Anonymous said...

No better way to buy a drink than on credit.

michael kei said...

Okay, 'nuff of this Palin business. There is only one Palin, and his name is Michael, and he was a Python.