Sunday, September 14, 2008

Mark these words: Arod will be a Dodger in '09, and here's why

(Note: This is written within the standards of the presidential campaign, which means no needless facts. However, judge for yourself the prospects of this scenario.)


1. Arod has never stayed long with one team.

2. He's getting booed and targeted, fair or not, for this year's collapse.

3. He's a free agent, woman-wise. The hottest babes are in LA.

4. He's tinkering with the Madonna-inspired LA Kaballah Center, sort of a Jewish Scientology.

5. He's always been more of an LA than NY guy.

6. He is comfortable with telling his agent to force a deal.

7. He is comfortable with Joe Torre.

8. The Dodgers will need a marquee player after the Angels win the World Series.

9. They can justify Arod's salary, if he plays shortstop.

10. They have young prospects to trade.

11. The Yanks need Derek Jeter to play thirdbase.

12. The Yanks need defense up the middle, which means young players (or in the case of secondbasemen, those who are willing to bend over.)

13. By deleting Arod, Abreu and Giambi, the Yanks can add several free agents.

This is the best scenario for the Yanks, Arod and the Dodgers.

It will happen. Bet the house. You heard it here first.


adam said...

11. The Yanks need Derek Jeter to play thirdbase.

That made me laugh out loud. I will stop cheering for this team if Girardi ever does this.

Anonymous said...

Jeter retires at SS. For better or for worse.

And no one is taking that Arod contract. Next year hes going to be league MVP and no one will remember this. Hes an every other year guy.

Anonymous said...

Despite whatever research that has been done, grading defensive value is still way imperfect compared to offensive production. I'll admit Jeter isn't top tier defensively, but I'm sure you can do way worse. Unlike Cano, he never takes a play for granted, and we've seen plenty of spectacular plays over the years. It's rare these days for a SS to finish his career at that position, but I could see it happening with Jeter. He would have to really play his way out of that position for me to petition for his move. Jeter at SS should not be a concern at this time.

Anonymous said...

I've said it before...I'd kill to have a playing career full of A-Rod's "down" years. I'd be a hall of famer if I could do that. No one has been good in the clutch this year, and though A-Rod gets paid more to be in that spot more often and is expected to produce, he still has spectacular numbers. Even if the contract wasn't an issue, I wouldn't trade him.

Anonymous said...

I have been thinking about this for some time this past year and I realized that I have the same feeling in the pit of my stomach whenever David Ortiz is at bat with the game on the line as I do when A ROD is in the same situation. Yeah, I say unload the guy as soon as possible.

Anonymous said...

I just wish any of this were true.

Duque, as always, you are dreaming in the thin air of optimism and hope.

Haven't you seen what is happening to the country? To the Moose gutter? to the Yanks?

Of course you have. I read your editorials and rants line by line.

However, the Yanks had A-Rod dumped during the last off-season, and what did they do?

We all know that no team will ever win a championship with A-Rod. Dodgers, included. And Joe knows that.

He might want bimbo atractions and distractions, he might want a league MVP to flaunt, but if he wants a championship ring, he won't take any deal involving A-Rod.

Dream on. It's like hoping that Americans will wake up and realize that the country is going down to second class status, and not elect Sarah Moose the next President.

GFL with that one.