Thursday, September 18, 2008

Dead Heat: Yanks Tied with Jays in AL East Bronze Chase

Big. Win. Last. Night.


We are now tied with Toronto for third place with 81 wins and 71 losses. Don't hold me to those numbers. In honor of the presidential campaign, there is no need to look things up.

Meanwhile, get this:

Joe Girardi will embrace "Change" next year, according to this crazy write-up in the Post. I swear this is true:

Girardi said he will look back and learn.

"I like writing things down," he explained, offering a fascinating look into his world. "I write things down about people, about myself, and then you reflect on that all winter long. Take that into the next spring training and there are things that you will use and there are things you won't use because there is no doubt about it, the makeup of the team is going to be different whether it's one guy or five guys, seven or eight guys. It's going to be different next year."

Some things for Mr. Fascinating to write down:

Find 4 starting pitchers.

Hank S, funny walk -- rickets?

Fix first base.

Journey comeback tour, who knew?

Withdraw all money from bank.


What is deal with Bill Gates and Jerry Seinfeld?

Ponson, tummy tuck?

Remember to write stuff down.

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