Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Chasing Baltimore

Baltimore's got 20 games left to our 18...

12 wins separate us...

In this race to the bottom.

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Anonymous said...

I give, finally. This one's over. There are 2 goals now for this season:

1) Don't have anyone celebrate on the field over our corpse. The Angels are likely to do this yet again sometime between tonight and tomorrow. Prepare the bazooka in case they do, and this time don't let A-Rod be the shooter.

2) Go as deep as we can into this month before being eliminated. Short-term, get me to the 19th without being officially dead yet. Although, the earlier we go, the better the draft position. So I guess disregard that to an extent, but the competitor in me can't stand to see games that mean absolutely nothing. Might as well not even show up.