Monday, September 8, 2008

Are you kidding, El Duque? It's been a dream season!

El Duque, why so down?

I mean, who could've asked for a better season so far?

In spring training, if you charted out he ultimate season, it would probably go much like this:

*- The young kids - Hughes, Kennedy, Melky, Shelley Duncan - fighting through adversity to lead the a stretch drive into the playoffs!

*- Key contributions from guys like Justin Christian and Brett Gardner!

*- A big comeback year from Kei Igawa, who had been written off as a complete waste the year before!

*- And to top it all off (so far!), a dramatic, walk-off, extra-inning home run to beat the Red Sox in the playoffs series and advance to the championship series!

And, lo and behold, that's exactly what has happened! Oh, it's been a dream, El Duque! And now we're standing on the brink of a historic championship that should bring tears of joy to the eyes of every fan!

... Huh? What's that? You were hoping for that year in the Bronx, not Scranton? In the major leagues?

Jeeesh, some people are never satisfied.

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Rebecca said...

Oh did this make me laugh!