Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Poetry Corner: Wilson Betemit, Never Ever Get a Hit


First base Wilson Betemit
Never ever-ever gonna get a hit.
Pitcher never even have to sweat a bit.
Not with Wilson Betemit.

Second base Wilson Betemit.
Squats like old man take a shit.
Swings like girl with a fake-a-tit.
No good Wilson Betemit.

Shortstop Wilson Betemit.
Called strike three he throw a fit.
On the bench he should-a-sit.
Be gone Wilson Betemit.

Third base Wilson Betemit.
Plays like do not give a whit.
Someday soon he ought-a-quit.
Sick of Wilson Betemit.


Stang said...

Superfrankenstein here.

Would that Wilson Betemit never ever got a hit. He fucked up Brandon Morrow's no-hitter. I could have been in the stands for a no-hitter!

TheWinWarblist said...

Wilson Betemit played 11 seasons in MLB and amassed, according to BB Ref, 2.8 WAR over the entirety of his career. And he really sucked when he played for The Yanks.