Thursday, September 18, 2008

Open Letter to Anonymous: We don't mind your comments on our site, but hacking into Sarah Palin's email? You have gone too far!

Dear Madam or Sir:

You goddamm bastard! (Or, bitch!)

We trusted you. We took you in. We accepted your comments in our comment section.

Now, you've gone and hacked into Sarah Palin's email?

You goddamm bastard. (Or, bitch.)

We should have known. Here's one of your comments from two days ago.

"Going to be a great offseason."

Yeah? What would you care? You were busy wriggling your evil skeleton key into the lockbox portal to sniff Governor Mom's e-panties like the stained-yellow nozzle from a $6 can of whippet brain-freezer. Yeah, some offseason for you! Maybe if you weren't so conniving, people wouldn't suspect Yank fans of foul play, and major league general managers would trade us their star players for the collection of overpriced bums we offer. IT'S ON YOU, ANO. IT'S ALL ON YOU.

Last weekend, you said this:

"If only the Yankees had made a move for Gore back in 2000..."

WTF? Was this some code for "We are preparing to fondle e-traffic into the Fox fox?" How dare you make such comments, while slinking around the Internet with your secret codes, leafing through private correspondence like you're picking the next Deep Purple album to play at a party for drunk Russian sailors. Shame on you.
WAIT A MINUTE: Aren't you the same guy -- or, gal -- who is always defending Arod?

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Anonymous said...

Im just a patsy!

Follow the money.