Friday, September 19, 2008

Should the Yanks Pick up Bill Gates/Jerry Seinfeld ads?

Leave it to the "kids" of today to build the Hadron Large Supercollider of humor. That's what they've done with the rib-tickling TV Microsoft ad campaign that featured Bill and Jerry walking around the neighborhood, bantering about things like lovers. Not since Terry Bradshaw and Mike Piazza -- who are lovers, by the way -- have two guys been funnier on TV commericals while walking around the neighborhood, bantering about things.

And yet Microsoft is dropping the campaign. WTF?

Well, this is the opening we need. Hank the Yank has vowed to shake things up next winter, and what better way than through TV ads featuring Bill and Jerry walking around the town, bantering about things?

Hell, they can banter about Melky Cabrera.

Bill: Melky Cabrera is really something.

Jerry: Have you ever said the name Melky Cabrera three times in a row? It's weird.

Bill: Melky Cabrera, Melky Cabrera, Melky Cabrera.

Jerry: It's weird.

Bill: Let's go saw a board.

Fuckme, this is funny. This is how you sell tickets. This is how you create market share.

We need a theme for 2009. We need spokesmen. We need Bill and Jerry.

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