Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Phil Hughes Leaves Broken Hearts in Scranton

Tonight, we are priviledged to view the return
of Phil Hughes, former Yankee "can't miss "

After helping Scranton blow the playoffs to some
bush league team ( one stocked with actual, young prospects ), Phil returns to the stadium while squeezing in a visit to his personal rib Dr.

He left two broken hearts at a bar in Scranton ( pictured at right, showing their dispair at Phil's promotion ), and who knows how many other dis-spirited fans.

At the stadium, he will be on a pitch count because he has only logged 30 innings thus far this year. So, I expect him to last until about 2 outs in the second inning.

If this prediction proves accurate, says "Ellie Maye " Groetz ( pictured at left ), Phil and i are going to join the Marine Corps.

Just remember Yankeedom; nothing matters in September.

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