Tuesday, September 9, 2008

An Open Letter to Curt Schilling

Dear Madam or Sir:

Today, you went on the radio to say of Yanks and Yank fans, “They want us to be as bitter and mad and miserable as they are and unfortunately it’s not going to happen... It’s unfortunate, but when you crawl to the top of the pile you will have people trying to knock you down."

As Yank fans, all we can say is...


For a while there, we feared having lost you. That would be a shame.

It's not the way you go beet-red when talking about us, or the way you point your finger at anyone who disagrees with you.

No sir. What we missed was your intellect.

You know, there aren't many athletes out there as smart as you. And it's always a joy when someone such as you can apply the lessons learned while pitching to the field of politics, history and society.

For example, your support for our troops and love of this country are always enjoyable to read about, no matter how many times we hear it. And when you tear Yank fans a new hole, well, we surely must deserve one!

We also respect your support for John McCain, as you blogged on Sept. 5:

"People that have never served their country, or endured incredible hardship, or both, are the ones spouting “I’m tired of hearing about him being a POW..blah blah blah, yadda yaddda.”

Of course, we all know that you and Senator McCain have much alike, as far as having endured incredible hardships.

He was a POW in Vietnam for five years.

And you once pitched with fricking catsup smeared on your ankle.

Yeah. That's right, fatty. Catsup! Or is it ketchup? Oh, that must have been hell, dabbing catsup on your gimpy Republican white man's ankle. Did you stick a butter knife in the bottle to make it flow easier? It just must have been a little demeaning, sidling into that back room, sneaking the bottle of Hunts -- I'm sure, knowing your politics, that it wasn't Heinz -- and then smearing it across your pimpled ankle. Or did it feel good? Was there something sexual about it? Frankly, we can't fathom doing it. But -- hey -- to each his own!

Where were we? Oh, yes... sorry.

Welcome back, hero.

And good luck in mastering Warcraft. Does it include a catsup smear tactic?


Ross said...

Holy crap. I wrote an "open letter" to Curtis Montague Schilling at almost the EXACT time you posted this.

That is weird:


Anonymous said...

Dear El Duque,

Just because you went to Iraq twice as a journalist, lived in 110 degree heat with the 10th Mountain Division, ducked mortar and sniper fire, played roulette with roadside bombs and suicidal broads, slept with scorpions and ate piles of dirt doesn't mean that Curt Schilling, by way of contrast, is a smug, over-piviledged, little phoney dirt-bag.

Unless it does.

Thanks for your rebuttal to this jerk.

Anonymous said...

Continually the best writing available online in YAnkees Universe.

I nominate thee, Mr. el duque, for a Literary Nobel Prize.

And fuck you in your fatty, cockridden ass, Curt Schilling!

Anonymous said...

There has never been a bigger prick in all of baseball than Schilling. And there has never, EVER, been a more bitter, miserable set of fans than Red SAWX fans. Just take a look at how they handled the departure of Manny Ramirez, Pedro, No-MAH, etc., etc., etc. , ad nauseum, ad infinitum.
Bitter, mizzzzzzzzerable cocksuckers. Each and every one of them.

Anonymous said...

Curt is getting real nasty now--busting big time on a family member who pissed him off about his blog politics. OK, that family member was me, and if you want to support those who bust on him, go there and give him hell.



Anonymous said...

Oh, and since he probably won't publish my response to his crap on me, here it is. Sorry, it's so long, but I really want to get it out there. He's a real major league jerk.

>Karen you’re a dope.

Oh, nice start Curt--name calling! How mature and, as ever, so very "Christian" of you.

>You spent your whole weekend with eyes glued here for what? To spew the same BS

you’ve always done?

Oh my, aren't you full of yourself--because I've posted here a few times you think I've had

my eyes *glued* to your own personal spewfest? You seem to have kept yourself pretty busy

with it, though. (Or was that one of your servants moderating?--Donald "Step and Fetch it"

Brewer, perhaps?)

And since you can't debate what I've said with logic you SPEW hate and
anger. Look at you, foaming at the mouth!

You have no clue what I've *always* done. And what I have to say is *not* BS. Not when I

say it. Not when over 50 percent of Americans, including honorable soldiers, say it. But

you'll nastily call it BS because you disagree with it.

>So you are saying Senator McCain is for ‘denying treatment to returning troops showing

mental issues”? Can you cite a legitimate source for his vote and comments on that exact


Why is it, Curtis, that you don't provide legitimate sources for all the opinions you spew

here? I don't see why others need to be held to higher standards.

However, I did, twice now, provide a link you won't publish, regarding McCain's failure to

support loads of legislation that would have provided improved medical care to soldiers

returning home with all kinds of illnesses, mental included.

Here it is again. See if you can keep it in this time:


>And what does this mean “you also don’t acknowledge the hell soldiers go through and how

it can affect their later lives in a negative way.”?

You claimed that only those who hadn't served were the ones *spouting* objections to

McCain's use of his POW past in this election. I was explaining how you were wrong about

that. I said that "Perhaps", like McCain, you dismissed them. He dismisses their resulting

problems, or why not support improvements in their benefits and medical services, and you,

perhaps, dismiss them by not hearing them--otherwise why would you not know many of

them are saying much of the same as me?

>Do yourself a favor, and the families, start your own blog please. I was tired of hearing

you years ago, which makes the garbage now even more tiresome and full of BS.

Hey, lots and lots of folks are tired of hearing you. How many times have you been told to

shut the h*#& up, even by your otherwise adoring fans, and how many of your family

members want to tell you that, but just keep quiet and cowtow to you because they're

afraid of you? (In case you don't know the answer, it's lots! )

But you would never let that stop you, would you oh great-and-mighty one? Why should I

stop for you? You worried about the families? Look at your own actions and make amends.

Display those admirable Christian qualities you want the public to believe you have.

And tired as so many of us are of you spewing as if your life depended on it, we're willing

to debate you fair and square. Since we most of us don't have access to the media like you,

we come here to respond. Funny, you don't seem to put much value on that fair and square

business though, do you? Your a famous guy, so we have to put up with your spewing all

over the place, but you don't have to put up with us?

>The fact that you teach in public schools is somewhat terrifying since you clearly are in

the “Them vs Us” camp, and always have been. I have a hard time seeing you teach

impartially nor give anyone an unbiased education on the history of this great country.

You don't know the first thing about what camp I *always have been* (and are you trying

to pretned *not* to be an US against them guy yourself??? You STUMPED for BUSH--the KING

of US AGAINST THEM! ), nor about my teaching, but I can send you copies of countless letters

and reviews by parents, kids, fellow teachers, and administrators telling what a great job

they thought I did. But then you aren't interested in the facts about that, are you Curt?

You just want to spew hate at me because Idisagree with you and I can take you in a battle

of logic. That bugs the h%## out of you.

As for fair and impartial about American History, no I doubt I was. I tried, but like most

Americans, I probably was too in love with our country for that.

>The fact that you teach is commendable, but I’d prefer someone who has been and always

will be as radical and irrational as you, to be doing something other than influencing young

kids looking for positive role models.

Again, that's because you judge me based on most of my of my political beliefs being the

opposite of most of yours. I wasn't perfect, but I *was* an *excellent* teacher. And my pay

was lame.

Yeah, I said *was*. Funny, such a Christian fellow as yourself not remembering that due to

the pressures of working 14 hour-or-more days trying to help the disadvantaged kids I

taught, I had a nervous breakdown and had to take a lousy early retirement.

Surely you remember. During my collapse I said some true, but not very nice things, and now

your side of the family has disowned my side because we disagree with your politics. Yeah,

think back. Surely you remember how you failed to demonstrate a lo.ving, Christian way to

deal with anger? How none of you exemplary Christians have shown the least bit of

forgiveness or understanding nor examined your own wrong-doing in the matter...

>The one thing I know for a fact is that while I will vote for Senator McCain to be my next

President, I’ll honor whichever candidate wins the election as my next Commander in Chief.

Hmmm. Did you "honor" Bill Clinton the way most of the Republicans did, Curt? If so, I'll bet

Obama will be thrilled with the Independent Council.

>You’ll spend the next 4 years screaming at a vast hole of emptiness about how the

Government screwed you, while doing jack about it but pissing and moaning to anyone that

will listen.

Well, I'm sorry to burst your vile little fantasy bubble, but you're incorrect. Again, you SPEW

this insanely noxious, made-up crap and you have no idea at all of what I'll do. And you have

no excuse for this but your own pride and hatred. Some Christian you are.