Sunday, September 7, 2008

Who Will Be Remembered as the Matt Nokes and Kevin Maas of this Dismal Team?

(For the record, if my name were Tyler and I covered baseball, I would use the byline "Ty," but that's just me. He does a good job. I'm not nitpicking. He'll just never crack the TV Network Gammonsphere, if he doesn't think big, that's all.)

Ty wrote:

The Yankees have not finished fourth since the Matt Nokes and Kevin Maas team of 1992.

Obviously, this team will be remembered as a colossal bust, and writers will need to name the names that epidomize the $200 million dollar vomit chunks that Yank fans were forced to stomach in 2008.
(Note: In honor of the Presidential race, I am not checking any of my statistics, so it might not be $200 million.)

In his blog the night before, Kepner wrote:

The last Yankees team to finish in 4th place was the 1992 squad that featured Matt Nokes, Kevin Maas and Melido Perez.

(That's the difference between print and the Internet: more newshole.)

Who will be the three players that symbolize this dreadful Yankee year.

My candidates:

Wilson Betemit.
Jose Veras.
Sidney Ponson.

(Runners up): Daryl Rasner, Ian Kennedy, Chad Moeller, Edwar Ramirez, Robinson Cano.

Am I right or what?


Anonymous said...

Hey now, it was 15 years ago this week that Matt Nokes caught Jim Abbott's no-hitter, thus making him the answer to at least one trivia question that isn't "who sucked almost as much as Kevin Maas?"

That said, Robinson Cano looks like a good candidate.

Anonymous said...

melky cabrera should be considered, too.

Anonymous said...

Ian Kennedy would top my list. He represents everything about this team:

1) Delusional sense of entitlement (heartless).

2) Injury (or should it be "injury")

3) Winless and averaged pretty much as many innings per start as runs the Yanks scored per game.