Sunday, September 7, 2008

Maintaining Proud Legacy, Yanks Refuse to Bow to Pitcher With Hyphen in Name

Ha, ha! Yank naysayers! You been messed with again!

You figured us so lame, so barren of character, so weak of will, so overblown with our own pomposity, so choked on the money-colored puss that spews from our lips when we open our mouths to make another excuse... that we'd actually lose to a pitcher with a hyphen in his name.

Nope. Ain't gone happen.

We beat the Hyphen last night.

We aint gone to lose to no Rowland-Smith, no Tetley-Teabag, or no Dingle-Fuggin-Berry.

We're still a half-game ahead of Toronto.

We still control our destiny in the quest to take Bronze in the AL East.

And we do NOT lose to hyphens.

We have never lost to a hyphen.*

(*I'm not going insult our current political system by actually researching that statement.)

Say whatever you want about this 2008 team: BUT WE DO NOT LOSE TO HYPHENS.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

We beat the Hyphen and got beaten up by yet another young lefty.
And Brain Cashman still has a job.