Monday, September 15, 2008

Which is Worse? State of Yanks or State of Banking System? An in-depth analysis.

Throughout history, when the Yankees flounder, America falls into the doldrums. Look it up, folks, if you don't believe us.

Problems facing Yankees:

Lack of confidence in future assets. (Hughes, Kennedy, Melky)
Toxic acquisitions. (Arod)
Collapse of bedrock institutions. (Giambi, Wang)
Ongoing crisis in leadership. (Hal, Hank, Cashman)
High costs of energy. (Cano benched for lack of hustle)

Problems facing Banking System:

Questionable moves by manager. (Paulson)
Horrible pitching. (Lehman Bros)
Lack of player development. (Foreclosures)
Bloated payrolls. (CEO salaries)
Carl Pavano. (Carl Pavano)


Anonymous said...

If only the Yankees had made a move for Gore back in 2000...

Anonymous said...

Believe it or not, I think the Banking system is going to come in dead last,with the Yankees 1 game better.