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Monday, June 29, 2009

Maybe Jose Tabata and John Henry should work out a deal ...

Not to get all Mike Kekich-Fritz Peterson here, but if Jose (age 20) and JH (60) swapped the misses, then everyone would be a little closer in age and it wouldn't be so creepy (Jose's wife is 43, JH's is 30).

Since Jose's wife has had a brush with the law, he may have to throw in some future considerations, but Theo can work out the deal.

To put it in Bill James-talk: The Couple's WHAR (wife-husband age ratios) are out of whack at 2.00/2.15, and a deal would benefit both sides by bringing the ratios to about 1.39/1.50, closer to the OSAD (optimum standard age deviation).

Just sayin' ....

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el duque said...

They could doubledate with Cher and Luis Polonia.