Holy Crap! IT IS HIGH is - gulp - almost old enough to drink!

Holy Crap! IT IS HIGH is - gulp - almost old enough to drink!
Wish us happy birthday.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Arod splash lands in Hudson, and I have had enough

Evidently, baseball's most famous .212 hitter in baseball (sorry Nick, Swisher) has been taking his two-game shore leave with Kate "Almost Famous" Hudson. I wonder if, when conversation about Joba lags, she can still recite that airline stewardess bit from the movie...

Wait... enough madcappery.

Let's talk honest-like. Eye to eye. No Sheriff Cowley. Truth.

We all know this team will soon make its run.

But I cannot fight the sense that we are the 2004 Redsocks -- before they traded Nomar Garciaparra. Which means we have to trade our Nomar.

If we don't do something dramatic -- I'm not talking prospects for Huston Street -- something that shakes the clubhouse -- forgetaboutit.

We can't trade Jeter, Mo or Posada. We'll get zilch for Damon or Matsui.

The Angels are floundering.

LA is Kate Hudson's town.

Would they take the reality show of Alex & Kate?

Jeter could move to third. If we found a fielding shortstop and an eighth inning bridge...

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More Disgusted Than You Alph said...

You mean like Ramiro Pena and Joba?

Good thinking, but the Yankees won't give up A_Roid because they are blind.

They increased his take when they were rid of him due to agent error.

Cashman only makes bad deals.

We'll give up AJ and some future all star catchers for another 37 year old, former all star.

2-1 losses show we have done a few things half right.