Wednesday, June 24, 2009

BREAKING: Yanks' Bats Hiking The Appalachian Trail

Yankee GM Brian Cashman told reporters Wednesday he had not talked to his offense "since about two weeks ago, maybe the Boston series?", and did not know where it went.

"I am being a GM today. I have not heard from my batters. I am...taking care of my pitchers," he said outside his Atlanta hotel before entering a liquor store.

UPDATE! (12:55 pm)

Yankee batters did did not spend the last two weeks hiking the Appalachian Trail -- as GM Brian Cashman first indicated -- but instead the offense was in Buenos Aires, Argentina, he told Cat Fancy.


No Credit Alph said...

I think they were with some of those $12,000 a day prostitutes who are nuclear physicists and excellent pole dancers.

Stang said...

While in the process of making the difficult decisions that await in the days ahead, the Yankees request that their games be played in a zone of privacy.