Wednesday, June 24, 2009

We are lost, hungry and we are being hunted

This is how I feel right now when sitting down to post.

It's a long season.

We're not throwing in the towel.

But JEEEZEZ... this is Blair Witch Project stuff, third day, where they're hiking through the woods and suddenly realize they're going in circles, because they're back at the tree bridge over the stream, and the girl starts screaming. We are right the hell where we were last year:


End this. Kill us now. Don't drag us into the basement of some creepy house and make us look into the corners. Do it. Now. Get it over with.

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Bostowned said...

On baseball teams, players sometimes slump. However on the Yankees, a players slump becomes contiguous and the entire team catches it.

Jorge strikes out 4 times? Really? REALLY?

Cant we just buy out Arod's contract and move on now? 100 mil, here ya go now take a walk. Please? Anyone?