Sunday, June 21, 2009

Mocked by a Redsock fan on Father's Day

Dear el duque,

I read (your) comment about Arod this morning, and thought I
should warn you that starting a rumor that Arod may be available is
dangerous, not to the Yankees or MLB, but to the entire American
telecommunications system.

I mean, when other teams' general managers find out that all they
have to do is pick up the trifling remainder of his contract to get a
player of his caliber (.22) they will be jamming the phone lines with
calls to the Bronx. They may even send enough tweets to Brian
Cashman to shut down the entire Twitter system, perhaps for good.

(I will avoid dealing with the wisdom of trading such a rare player
except to point out that Arods do not grow on trees; they are
hatched every October from specially incubated goose eggs.)

Of course,, if the Yanks decide to trade him, I can easily envision
teams lining up to offer 27- and 28-year old prospects from their
single-A affilates all over the country. So the Yankees could get a
fair return in such a trade.

But the more important point is that by making his availability
known the Yankees could be putting in jeopardy the entire
telecommunications system, which could be brought down by the glut of
messages from opposing general managers.

Then how will sons around the country ever reach their fathers to wish
them a Happy Father's Day?

Just a thought.

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Layla said...

I'm skeptical as to the validity of this person's Red Sox fandom, considering how many coherent sentences he managed to put together.