Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Yankeetorial: If we don't start hitting, it's time to ask the hard questions about PEDs

In his late incarnations as a Yankee, Jason Giambi never enjoyed the kind of seasons he had while juicing. Fans appreciated his honesty, and they cheered his long struggle back to a serviceable level. But he was never the hitter he'd been while on the needle.

In fact, no player caught juicing has yet to produce the same numbers, after going cold turkey on hot sauce.

When Alex Rodriguez homered May 8 in his first at-bat after recovering from surgery, Baltimore fans gave him a standing ovation. That night, he seemed to be silencing any doubts about his greatness.

Now, we watch him move like Giambi, a ghost of the player we once knew.

Moreover, for two years, Yank fans have eyed an all-star batting order -- top to bottom -- as it tanks, lists and sinks. Nobody hits. Here we go again.

This year, the team has higher home run totals, because it plays in a bandbox.

But our so-called superstars don't look the same.

Are we a team in drug withdrawal?

Because we sure look like one.

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