Monday, June 22, 2009

The team needs a huge shake-up: 10 options.

1. Fire Girardi. Bring in somebody from the Torre era. Donnie?

2. Trade Arod. Give him away. Accept that we get nothing in return.

3. Trade Jeter. The unthinkable. But he has no position beyond SS, and sooner or later, he can't do it.

4. Bundle prospects for a hitter. Hard to swallow. Matt Holliday? Oakland will rob us blind. Manny? The idea hurts.

5. Joba to the bullpen. Might happen anyway. Big enough jolt?

6. Public eruption from George. No lava left in the lamp. Hank too is on his meds.

7. Clubhouse Call-out. Jeter is not the type who names names. Burnett maybe. Teixiera? Or is everybody satisfied? Channeling Phil Garner...

8. On-field brawl. Sometimes, you just gotta get mad.

9. Batting order pulled from the hat. Billy Martin did it once. It worked. But this team needs an explosion, not a firecracker.

10. Bench somebody. Why are pitcher ERAs higher with Jorge? Why do we win often with Angel Berroa? How will we carry Matsui and Nady?


Anonymous said...

You forgot
Cut or trade Swisher
Cut Damon
Cut Tomko and bring up Austin Jackson and/or Shelly Duncan.
Fire Long and/or Eiland.
Dennis, Tampa

Joe said...

definately fire Eiland. he's horrible. see if Cone wants to be a coach.

Eric Colon said...

Girardi needs to change his managing ways. I think he's calling the pitches rather than the battery picking their own pitches. He needs to learn that he has a good pitching staff, he just needs to know how to use it.

Stang said...

No point trading for another hitter. Whoever he is, he'd slump with the rest of them. When women live in the same house, their periods sync together. The Yankees are like this with slumps and hot streaks.

She-Fan said...

I like #8, only they have to brawl with each other.