Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Chien-Ming Loads Up On Protein

As the forth of July approaches, and hamburgers grace the grills of all Yankee Americans, one representative from Taiwan huddles in fear.

A star pitcher, one lis-franc ago, Chien-Ming now has the fate of the ball club in his meaty hands.

To prepare for tonight's opener against the NL Braves, Chien-Ming has headed off to the hill country surrounding Atlanta for some down home BBQ.

His preference is pulled pork, ribs and potato salad but tonight, he will eat 5  half-pounders before he warms up in the bullpen.

While consumption of this magnitude could make him sluggish, he feels this extra stomach weight will keep his sliders low to the ground.

Kei Igawa made this dietetic ritual recommendation to his former teammate.

I'm looking for Chien's best outing of the year.

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