Tuesday, June 30, 2009

10 Possible Reasons Why We Traded for Eric Hinske

1. Arod is hurt worse than anyone has reported.

2. Matsui is done.

3. Another trade is imminent, one that will make sense.

4. Hinkse's name and phone number was found in Theo Epstein's wallet.

5. In deals, the Pirates are mind-manipulating Svengalis.

6. Hinske, vanguard of the Yankee youth movement, can pinch run, field every position and play flawless shortstop.

7. John needed a new home run call: A slamski! For Hinske!

8. Anybody see who Jennifer Steinbrenner has been dating lately?

9. It's like that bad guy in "The Warriors, the one who clacks the soda bottles together, when asked why he killed the gang leader, responds: "NO REEEEEASON."

10. Last year's Nady/Marte trade was such a incredible success that Cashman felt compelled to attempt an encore.


adam said...

Hinske >>> Angel Berroa and it costs us practically nothing. el oh el, el duque.

JeffG said...

11. Sexton can't play third base.

BernBabyBern said...

12. To make AROD feel the heat of a young, hungry talented whippersnapper nipping at his heels for the starting job!!

Look at the dividends already. The day they trade for Hinske, Alex bashes one of his longest home runs of the year -- in the late innings of a tied game, to boot!

Coincidence? I think not.

Alex knows he's in a dogfight for the starting job now, folks!

... or maybe not.

(re JeffG: I think you just gave Cashman an idea!)