Monday, June 29, 2009

Gale Storm and Fred Travalena are dead. Will that keep our celebrity death winning streak alive?

We're undefeated since America's great celebrities began dropping like drives at the warning track off the bat of Bobby Abreu.

For us, today is a travel day. But Death never takes a travel day.

Can we keep the streak alive?

Maybe Gale Storm is the answer. She was the star of "My Little Margie" and later "The Gale Storm Show." She died over the weekend. The obit appears today.

Also, Fred Travalena -- the man of the 1,000 faces -- has checked out.

I vaguely remember Gale Storm. It saddens me to hear of her death. She was a great actress and comedienne. We are all lessened by her absence.

And Fred Travalena did so many great impressions. This is a tragic loss for comedy. He was a very funny and talented man.

There! Are you happy, Death? Two more wins? Can we keep the streak alive?


She-Fan said...

Gale Storm was great, but I liked Zazu Pitts.

Johnny Shoemaker said...

I am a big fan of Gale Storm's and am very sad to hear of her passing.
I have met her a few times and each time found her funny and very appreciative of her fans. I have her book and think anyone who wishes to know of her life to read it. I also have most of her TV appearances on video and her recordings. She was actually a very good singer and a wonderfully, entertaining actress.
I shall miss her.