Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Cashman Eats It !!!

Let me make it clear.

Cashman is incompetent. He is a loser beyond description. He eats the huge burger.

This deal for Hinske is puke. I am puking right now.

Ramiro Pena is 50 times the ballplayer Hinske is. Now, we have demoralized him forever. I hope he dumps the Yankees at the first opportunity. Let him sign with Boston and humiliate us for the next 15 years.

Hinske is basically a cocaine addled flop who was good one season when he played for Toronto. Since that one good year, he has been a bum. Sitting on the bench for a bunch of losers.

This is the worst deal since we acquired Nady and Marte. Only one step removed from the Jay Buhner deal.

What the F*** is going on? What more does Pena have to prove? Great defense. A contact hitter who can hit .300 if given a shot?

This team is going straight to piss. The hell with them. Everyone on the Yankee's roster, I guarantee you, is now demoralized. They loved this kid.

This is stupid, irresponsible and wrong. What an idiot. Cashman has to go. We will never, never, win again with him involved.

Everyone should throw batteries at Hinske. He is puke. Boo him every time he appears. No matter what he does. Boo him relentlessly.

Now we have another 35 year old washout to hit into double plays with the bases loaded.

Cashman is being paid by Theo for BJ's and for throwing the season again.

I will not watch another game this year.


el duque said...


Hiske will serve as our 8th inning DH bridge to Hideki.

Wondercat said...

That trade is looking pretty good right about now... 1-0.