Friday, June 26, 2009

When An 8-1 Lead Isn't Safe, It Tells You Something

Now we know the truth.

Andy Pettitte is not what he used to be.

Bruney needs 30 pitches to get two outs in humid weather.

Joba will become a decent starter just when the Yankees are ready to move him to the bullpen.

Phil Hughes is being saved for tonight, in case CC's arm joins Nady's arm.

The Yankee's need practice on those short, pop-ups to the outfield that Derek used to catch up to.

Brett needs a glove not made from ceramic.

If it wasn't for Tex's defense, we would lead the league in errors.

Brian got the only outfielder that the Pirates were giving away who is useless. After we pay for X's next arm surgery, he'll be a post 30 something free agent.

Jason Bay and that Atlanta guy will be all stars for years.

Lest we forget about Marte.....lest we forget.

The only professional organization who did worse in their 2009 draft was the NY Knicks.

I am going drinking for one week with people who eat hot peppers, love tequila and speak espanol.

See you on the Appalachian Trail.


Whitey Fraud said...

How do you like'em NOW, you drunken sot?

Merry Alph said...

I love them.

And there is a huge difference between being a drunk and being a sot. In many cases, you can't even be both at the same time.

In merry old England, for example, the Bard of Avon described a sot as a former pig ( two legged ) who became a Lord.

So , are you referring to me as an imbibing Royal?