Wednesday, June 24, 2009

It's Time To Check In On John & Suzyn's Talking Points Of The Day, Sponsored By Lowe's.

Lowe's 3

Suzyn's talking points:
Everybody, even the Orioles, can beat up on National League teams except for the Yankees, who are apparently worse than even National League teams.
When I think of the outfielders we could have had...
Joba. Eh.
This Braves pitcher is scary.
John's talking points:
"No one's hot. No one's hitting well."
"We are in a national malaise."
"You need the two-out hit."
"[Maybe possibly] This is the night the Yankees break out."
This Braves pitcher isn't God.
Lowe's. Let's Build Something... Togethaaaa!


I'm Bill White said...

Cervelli needs to play more. A lot more.

Stang said...


MattG said...

I hope someone else noticed that the homerun Coke almost served up was hit to the Coke Zero sign