Friday, June 26, 2009

Late Scratch: John & Suzyn's Talking Points Of The Day, Sponsored By Lowe's.

Instead of listening to the ballgame on the radio, tonight I will, perversely, watch it with the sound off. And I won't be near a computer. I will be near a bartender. So. If John and Suzyn say anything the rest of the world needs to hear, please leave it in the comments--along with (if possible) which half-inning they said it in, whose at-bat, etc. Or just talk about the game, or something.

Oh, and in honor of Derek's birthday, here's the flip.


Anonymous said...

Suzyn can't figure out the scoreboard

Bot 3

Anonymous said...

BOT 5 John discusses what Suzyn grows in her garden.

Also two people are making out in front of John and he can't see the game.

Bot 5 as well.

BJ said...

Their repartee concerning the fixing of the mound in the bottom of the 6th is worth listening to. John even starts talking in latin.

Anonymous said...

after 4 innings john incorectly said "perfect game intact" even though there was three errors given up by the yankees

Stang said...

Thank you, thank you. You are the best John Sterling fans on earth.