Tuesday, June 23, 2009

World to end? Klapisch column actually offers news

But the Klapper sure buried it. Twenty feet below surface of today's fulmination lurks this tidbit.

It’s because Girardi knows his managerial career will be over if he gets fired by the Yankees. The team is feeling the angst over ticket sales — they failed to sell out the Subway Series and are urgently reminding fans that seats are available for the Red Sox series in August.
Record reader Steve Gigante, a season-ticket holder who is being solicited by the team, wrote, “At the old stadium, they did not have to e-mail me every business day to ask me if I wanted to buy tickets to the Yankees vs. the Red Sox.”

Can you imagine that?

As we know, nobody can predict what's going to happen in the game of baseball.

But throughout human history, the downfall of great empires and organizations is quite predictable. I can't help but feel that the replacement of Yankee Stadium will go down as one of the biggest boondoggles of our time.


Joe said...

plenty of $1k seats left. too bad i can't afford those.

She-Fan said...

It's their punishment for Jason Zillo being mean to me.