Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Yanks move quickly to open MLB Bum-Dump Season

OK, disclaimer: Yes, they know more than I. Yes, this may be part of a broader plan. Yes, they didn't surrender front-tier studs.

But every July, baseball passes around Eric Hinske like a plate of bad clams. He is the sport's version of Calvin Trillin's Christmas fruitcake

We gave up two 23-year-old prospects for him. One was the guy we traded Chase Wright to get, and at the time, we congratulated ourselves for being so smart. So which is it: The guy's a bum? Or did we just give up a future major leaguer for Eric Hinske?

Hinske was unhappy about riding the bench in Pittsburgh.

He should talk to Shelley Duncan.

If this were Wall Street, it would be called churning. Does Cashman get a sales commission on these?


Anonymous said...

Mor garbage from the Pirates, does Cashman have family in the Pirate orginization?
The last trade worked out well since Nady and marte look done.
Way to build a winner, Brian. I guess the sweep of the AA Mets got you a little cocky.

Dennis Tampa

Wondercat said...

Gotta say I like the move by Cash-Man. Improves the bench (sorry Pena, one more year in the oven with ya) while snagging a player the Red Sox would have l-l-l-l-oved to get back to replace Lowell.

Cowgirl-Up said...

Bull shit.

This is another total disaster.

The guy is a cocain addict and washout.

Pena was great and now is screwed. We'll next see him on another team, hitting .320 and winning gold gloves.

Cashman is the worst person in the world when it comes to trades. Marte and Nady? Give Boston the title now..

This guy will hit into more double plays than Cano and make more errors than Swisher.

He sucks.

Cashman should never be permitted to deal anyone. He is to effective trading what Bush was to foreign policy.

Did we give them AJ also?

Anonymous said...

What so bad about snagging a guy Boston would no doubt have shown interest in with Lowell's injury while at the same time giving Pena a chance to play everyday instead of pinch-running in the 8th for Matsui twice a week?

It's kind of a win-win. Even if he never plays, it's not like Pena was an everyday player. Plus he's proved to be a pretty good luck charm for Tampa and Boston and won ROTY with Toronto.