Thursday, June 25, 2009

Oscars adding expanded tier of playoffs

Los Angeles _ The Academy Awards will break into four divisions next year, allowing 64 Oscar-nominees to compete head-to-head, the Motion Industry said Wednesday.

"Last year, we never saw Benjamin Button fight Iron Man," Academy President Sid "Shecky" Ganis told a news conference. "Next year, it's Transformers II against Inkheart, winner take all! Let's see Harry Potter with his shirt off. Let's see Meghan Fox take on all comers. This is how movies are supposed to select Oscar champions!"

Through eliminations, the 64-movie field will be whittled to eight, who will battle in the Oscar Octogon, Ganis said.

"I only wish we'd done this when 'Steel Magnolias' was still out," Ganis said. "I'm telling you, I'd have loved to see that cast go up against Jack Black's crazy team from 'Year One.'"

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