Monday, June 22, 2009

Things Are Not So Bad.

So what if Nick Green hit a walk-off homer in Boston and Derek hit a walk-off grounder to shortstop in Miami?

So what if CC Sabathia only went 1+ innings yesterday, and Clay Buckholtz can't get back to the major leagues because there is no room for him.

So what if A-Rod is hitting .214 and needs one day per week off with Kate Hudson?

So what if we have one center fielder with 2 homers and another whose average has dropped by 40 points in the last three weeks?

So what if our left fielder drops the occasional fly ball and can't throw home on one hop from 10 feet behind the infield?

So what if Nick Swisher is a better pitcher than base runner or outfielder?

So what if Hideki Matsui has a range of 5 feet if placed in the outfield?

So what if other teams hit .355 when Jorge is catching?

So what if Joba can only go 4+ innings and his fastball is about 91 on the guns?

So what if Nady and Marte are playing Pavano's role this year?

It is a long season.  No one can predict what will happen in the game of baseball.  

We are only 4 games out.

So what if Brett Tomko gives up one homer per inning?


el duque said...

My point exactly. So what?

Stang said...

Guess I'll have to have to make a special Blingee to cheer everyone up.

She-Fan said...

So what is right. We're still winning the world series. My tarot card reader said so.

Anonymous said...

4th place here we come.
200 million dollar payroll and Toronto is 1 game back.
Great GM, great manager.
Dennis tampa