Tuesday, June 30, 2009

About El Duque's wish for no trades...

Too late. Welcome to the Bronx, Eric Hinske. Quick trivia: Hinske now has been a member of every team in the AL East except the O's. And Hinske is the 3rd former Rookie of the Year winner to play for the Yankees this year. Name the other two. One's obvious, the other not so much.


Anonymous said...

jeter and angel berroa

Anonymous said...

This trivia sucks! God Bless America!

Furious Fonzy said...

A total fucking disaster.

Cashman must go.

Alphonso said...

So Hinske was unhappy sitting on the bench for a last place club , going no where?

Anyone wonder why he was sitting on the bench?

Perhaps because he has no skills anymore?

Can't hit? Can't throw? Can't field?

Perfect. let's go get him. We did so well with the Pirates last time we traded with them.

Now, Hinske gets to sit on the bench for a third place club going no where.

How often is he going to replace A-Rod?

And, by the way, he can only play third. Not short. Not second. Only third.

What a mind that Cashman has.

I'm sure HInske will be very pleased wearing pinstripes on the pine.