Tuesday, April 27, 2010

After one month, Cashman's off-season moves are a disaster

The Hitters We Let Go:
Matsui/Damon/Jackson/Cabrera = .278 average/5 HR/27 RBI

The Hitters We Obtained:
Johnson/Granderson/Wynn/Thames = .211 average/4 HR/13 RBI

The Pitchers We Let Go:
Kennedy/Coke = 31.2 innings, 3.09 ERA

The Pitchers We Obtained:
Logan/Park/Vazquez = 28 innings, 7.39 ERA


Bye Bye Balboni said...

Look who IS performing -- the Core Four, again. What in tarnation are we gonna do when/if they finally stop defying Father Time?

Anonymous said...

Hopefully, they asked Obama to declare war on this evil Father Time!

Or perhaps they went to visit our nation's top secret science lab to slow/stop the aging process.

Same anonymous said...

By the way, can this info be placed in a sidebar and updated everyday until our off-season acquisitions start to perform better than the players we jettisoned (whenever that will be)?