Monday, April 19, 2010

Crossfire Debate: Is it time to trade Teixiera?

REASONS TO TRADE: He's not hitting. Juan Miranda looking good in Columbus. Give Nick Johnson more time in field. Free up Jorge to be DH. Lessen team dependence on switch-hitters. Give Cano third spot in order. Get somebody good in return. Defense has diminished to only one game-saving play per game. Would cut down on booing in Boston, Baltimore. Milwaukee owner will climb down and out of our butts.

REASONS NOT TO TRADE: Seems like nice guy. Hustles out grounders. Has wife and kids. If starts hitting in May... we would get more!

Next: Should we nuke volcano in Iceland?


Alibi Ike said...

Reason not to trade: I finally figured out how to spell his name.

Anonymous said...

Carville scares babies.