Thursday, April 22, 2010

We Can't Win With "B" Club Line-up

I knew this game was over in the first inning.

The Yankees could not hit the Oakland 26 year-old. It was like facing Jimmy Key or Frank Lary.

Junk and more junk. With first pitch strikes to every batter.

CC lost the game early because he really didn't feel like playing today.

And with people like Jorge and Grandy out of the line-up, and Nick Johnson only focusing on walks, we had no offense.

Let's talk about Nick. He is hitting about .100 but has a fine OBP. But it isn't enough for him not to be any sort of threat at the plate other than a pop-up , a double play ball, or a walk.

The guy looks as though he simply can't hit anymore. Is he so old now, that he won't come around until September?

Come on , Nick, get in the FGD game!

Also, Swish is hitting like a major league version of Shelly Duncan. This Oakland team is going nowhere. And we had no heart today. It was a loss we should not have taken so easily. No one cared, and it showed.

It was all about getting on the plane for the next venue.

Don't forget what happened to Toronto last year when they won the first 8 series of the season.

We can't afford to have CC take a " walk-about" when he is feeling chubby and slow.

Boston has awakened.


The Voice Of Reason said...

Jorge needs more off days, not less.

The Banquet Beer said...

I totally agree. Posada looks like a JV softball catcher behind the plate.

el duque said...

I totally agree. If anybody out there should be happy with 11-4, they are sadly mistaken.

Sadly. Mistaken.

Bye Bye Balboni said...

Seven games over .500 isn't going to get us to the postseason. Not even close.

GWC3 said...

Bye Bye Balboni:
Excellent comment.

Joe De Pastry said...

Yankees should never be content with being in 2d place no matter what their record is. Just "watching" on Gameday I could tell they weren't up for this game. I smell a slump coming.
And I was all for getting Nick Johnson back, because who wouldn't want a DH with a .400+ OBP? But if he's not going to give us much besides a bunch of walks he's not worth much more at the plate than Gardner with his infield singles. A few RBI doubles and a some "it is high, it is far, it is gone" action now and then would be nice, even from a #2 hitter.

She-Fan said...

"CC lost the game early because he really didn't feel like playing today." I think that's one of your best lines of this young season, Alphonso.