Thursday, April 29, 2010

Did Yankee She-Devil threaten to kill the President?

Jean "Lee Harvey" Afterman, Yankee enforcer, gave Barack Obama the kiss of death Monday.

The New York Post says...

Monday, as Obama, a White Sox fan, was getting ready to handle the trophy, Yankee Afterman blurted out, "Do you want to hold it? You might not get another chance."

Obama, who mentioned the White Sox earlier in the ceremony, fired back, "And you wonder why other teams don't root for you."

Who wants to bet FBI SWAT teams aren't banging on her bulletproof-steel door right now? Clearly,  Afterman was warning Obama that he will die in office. What else could she have meant?

Because... of course, he will get another chance to touch a Yankee championship trophy -- next April -- unless, that is, Squeaky Afterman has something in mind.

In fact, Obama will get at least two more Yankee trophy opportunities before his term ends --
unless, that is, the Yankee queen of death has something brewing in her poisonous web of madness.

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Anonymous said...

This is worse than Laura Bush's recent claims of a poisoning incident at a G-8 summit.