Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Yankees provide comfort to recovering Orioles

The World Champion Yankees last night toured Camden Yards, visiting struggling members of the Baltimore Orioles, thanking them for their service and urging them never to give up hope for recovery.

"I don't know when I ever felt better about being a Yankee," relief pitcher David Robertson said later, after sharing meatballs to several Orioles who had been down on their luck and who hadn't eaten in weeks. "To see the thankful looks in their eyes when I tossed them those lollypops, well, I'll keep that memory for the rest of my life."

Together, as a team, the Yankees bestowed on Baltimore its first home win of the season, a victory that many down-on-their-luck Orioles felt would never come.

"We just wanted them to know they haven't been forgotten," Yankee manager Joe Girardi said later. "They are heroes for what they've done. Our gift was small, when you consider everything they've gone through. I'm just glad we could be there for them and make a difference."

On a secondary note, several recovering G.I.s at the Walter Reed Medical Center, while watching Tuesday night's game, were said to be burning the autographed Yankee memorabilia they recently received.

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