Sunday, April 18, 2010

Pennant Racism: Why Nobody Believes the Media Anymore

A hoity-toity book reviewer comes clean about his hatred for the Yankees... and America.

Not long ago I began reading David Benioff’s “City of Thieves.” The novel had come highly recommended to me by several friends, and as I had already seen Spike Lee’s excellent film “25th Hour,” which is based on Benioff’s first novel, I was really looking forward to reading the book.

But almost immediately the whole exercise was ruined. The narrator, the young boy’s grandson, reveals on Page 2 that after the war, his grandfather came to America and became a “devout” New York Yankees fan. I found this revelation crushing. The idea that someone who had escaped the siege of Leningrad would then voluntarily join the evil empire in the Bronx struck me as repellent. So I set the book aside and donated it to my library. Maybe some Yankees fan would enjoy it. I sure as hell wouldn’t.

Yes, they hate us.

They think it's easy being Yankee fans.

They. Just. Don't. Know.

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Alibi Ike said...

You think it's easy being Joe Queenan?

Would you trade places with the guy for a day?

**shudder** I thought not.