Thursday, April 22, 2010

Traveling Wilkes Barres dominate hometown Cusacks

Attended Syracuse/Scranton game last night with SuperFrankenstein. Sat near Yankee bullpen and repeatedly stressed the need to avoid leadoff walks.

It was men against toddlers. Coal miners against the makers of air conditioners.

'Ton 8, 'Cuse 2


1. Shortstop Eduardo Nunez is really, really fast. He beat out an infield grounder to the shortstop that wasn't much more than an infield grounder to the shortstop. (He also dropped a routine pop fly.)

2. Kei Igawa pitched 3-plus innings. Trouble in every frame. Mammoth home run to left.

3. Jesus had a night off. He spent it waving to young girls in the crowd. (Careful, Jeez, they're 16.)

4. Not the same Scranton team without Shelley D.

5. Whatever Jon Weber had in spring training seems to be gone.

6. Juan Miranda homered. Considering that if Tex gets hurt, we have Nick Johnson, Nick Swisher and Jorge Posada to play first base, shouldn't we think of moving this guy, rather than have him play another year at Scranton?

7. Stool sample analysis should be completed Thursday. Know more then.

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Joe De Pastry said...

Jon Weber had his BABIP working in the spring. It comes and goes.

Good luck with #7; been there myself twice.