Friday, April 16, 2010

Tea Party Signs to Protest Baseball

My grandchildren can’t afford your shortstop.

First, clear the bases; then RELOAD them.

In Iraq, I was a hero. Now, I am a Marlin fan?

No federal funds for rally killers.

Throw out reprobate base runners NOW!

Welcome to the American League: Now hit in English.

Carl Crawford, give back the bases you stole!

Thank you, Fox News, for reporting box scores.

DH: Designated HITLER?

The Constitution doesn’t mention an Infield Fly Rule.


No, you can’t step on my home plate.

Your switch hitters are not my switch hitters!

Lame-stream Media: Stop calling the Mets contenders.

A-CORN = A-ROD: Where does the money go?

Where is Mariano’s birth certificate?

Liberal umps are destroying our strike zone.

Next time, we’ll bring arms.

I’m pro-Jeter, pro-Yankee, and I’m carrying a ticket. Want to start something?

It’s the pitching, stupid.

Seal the dugouts.

The Mets are what Abner Doubleday tried to prevent.

Canadian health care didn’t cure the Blue Jays.

Stop the Grounders

I’m only 8, and I’m already 6 games out?

Washington Nats-zis Belong in Last Place

Who’s behind the Teleprompter, Yogi Berra?

I Voted for Change, Not for Trading Roy Halladay

Don’t Bunt Away My Childrens’ Future

Don’t Buckner Me Bro

The baselines are base lies!

Hoo’s on First? No, Mao’s on First!

LA manager Mike Scioscia = Hollywood Socialism.

Drill, Pedro, Drill!

When did we stop manufacturing runs?

Third base was the hot corner before global warming.

9-11 is not an acceptable record.

Washington Nationals: Now want to nationalize health care?

Pelosi/Pujols = Limit their power.

Build the fences taller!

The National Anthem is my chin music.

If you think health care is expensive now, wait until Carl Pavano retires.

America, you are throwing to the wrong bag.

Three up, three down, is not a balanced budget.

Outfielders, that crunching sound is the warning track.

Kiss me goodbye!

We cannot hit our way out of debt.

If you’re not outraged, you’re not keeping score!

Next time, read the lineup sheet before you sign it

What part about BOO don’t you understand?


Uncle Mike said...

I'll keep my heater and my deuce. YOU keep the change!

Of course, the original Tea Party was in Boston, and, let's face it, Samuel Adams was a brewer trying to eliminate the competition. He was a capitalist first and a patriot second, taking advantage of... a bunch of drunken Bostonians. My, times haven't changed THAT much in 237 years, have they?

Bye Bye Balboni said...

Duque, that's the greatest thing I've read since "The Reagan".

Angels & Dodgers = SO-CALISTS