Friday, April 30, 2010

Derby Is Nothing Compared With Race to Hitter's Oblivion: A-Rod vs. Grandy

One of those pros is 0-24 and the other, neck and neck with that.

What is it with April? Tex can't hit his shoes with his own pee.

If it weren't for Robbie, Jorge and Brett's uncanny power spraying singles all around the infield, this team would be coming in out of the money for the month.

Tomorrow is May 1. The first Saturday in May is the Kentucky Derby. It is break-out day for Tex.

With some of Grandy's strikeouts against lefties lately, I'm beginning to wonder if this trade was a dog. A-Rod gets a free ride until August for his clutch hitting last year.

But I'm still not betting on the favorite.

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AliChronic said...

"Tex can't hit his shoes with his own pee".
The funniest thing I have ever read.