Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Put him out of his misery

Javy Vazquez is not a bad pitcher; quite frankly I think he's middle of the road. And today he pitched pretty much like a middle of the road pitcher would.

And he got booed for it.

Now everybody from River Ave Blues (a quality Yankees site) to the NY Post's Mike Vaccaro (A Met fan, so he doesn't count) is blasting everybody in attendance at today's game for booing Vazquez after a so-so performance. They'll throw out their obscure stats, point out how while we started on our high school ballclub,they were racking up championships on the math team, and at the end of the day call us fair-weather fans unfit to root for the Yankees.

But Yankees fans value one thing more than anything else: a winning tradition. Just look at the rings that were handed out on Tuesday. If anything Javy Vazquez has tarnished our winning tradition. But Javy doesn't get that,

It's a little disappointing. It's the first game back. I don't think they're forgetting from '04 a little bit. But hopefully I'll get some Ws in this stadium, like I said before, and they forget that. I feel like it's unfair because that was so long ago. But I'm trying, like I said plenty of times, I'm trying to concentrate on this year.
-Javy Vazquez
But you see, Javy Vazquez picked a pivotal game 7 with a World Series berth and an 86 year stranglehold on our arch rivals on the line. Yankee fans consider the 2004 ALCS to be our very own Watergate, and Javy played the role of Haldeman.

No Yankee fan who has to pay $9 for a 12 ounce bottle of beer in Yankee Stadium is gonna be forgiving on a multimillionaire like Javy who can't produce. And just like the Sox and Phillies worried about the receptions Schiraldi and Mitch Williams would've gotten after their respective meltdowns, we have to realize we have an unforgiving fanbase in the mold of Boston and Philly and realize that Javy can't handle the booing. And all 3 of those guys could cure cancer, but they'd still have C-cell batteries thrown at them in their respective former home ballparks. And if you watched him today, he got worse as the catcalls got louder. He doesn't have the gravel in his gut and the spit in his eye to block out the fans and put it behind him. For his own good, he's gotta go back to some small market that doesn't care what he did in 2004. Cause as long as he's a Yankee, nobody, no matter how hard anybody tries, will quiet the boos.


Anonymous said...

they still would have lost game 7 if Javy hadn't even pitched sadly

adam said...

I was hoping for a post like this. So bookmarked for when he's killing shit 4 months from now.

Bye Bye Balboni said...

I agree with Anonymous. It's convenient to blame Heavin' Javy for all our 2004 woes, but by Game 7 the team-wide choke was in full effect and there was no way we were gonna win that game even if the ghost of Walter Johnson had been on the mound.

Besides, that World Championship doesn't really count. The Sawx were the wild card team that year. I'll give 'em 2007, which Javy had nothing to do with, because they won the division. But you shouldn't be allowed in a World Series after finishing in second place. It's just wrong.

Have the Yankees -- the greatest franchise in the history of sports -- ever won a Wild Card World Series? I rest my case.

Jim Leyritz's Cellmate said...

I still blame 2004 on Gordon and was overjoyed to watch him go to and suck for the Phillies.

Joe DePastry said...

2004 was more like their Waterloo than Watergate.
I hate the wild card thing, too, but I wouldn't have rejected a World Series win in 1997 if they had gotten that far.

The Ghost of Scott Brosius said...

Hey I'm not telling say keep booing him. I'm pointing out the fact that people who pay an arm and a leg to get into Yankee Stadium, have to fork over $30 for parking and $9 for a bottle of beer will keep booing him until he strings like 8 perfect games in a row.

Not saying its right or fair, it's just the way it is.

I'm Bill White said...

Rome is burning.

Unknown said...

That game was way more Kevin Brown's fault that Javier's.