Sunday, April 18, 2010

Big Papi keeps his hitting streak going! (But has another streak broken

Watch out, Joe DiMaggio! David Ortiz is HOT ON YOUR TRAIL!
Consecutive games with one hit:

(And during this hitting streak, he's hitting a robust .235!)

However, another one of Big Papi's streaks came to an end yesterday ... His streak of consecutive games with at least two strikeouts ended at : 6!
Don't worry, Papi! You'll get the strikeout streak started again!


el duque said...

We have to root for Papi.

He needs to be in that lineup at least through August.

Anonymous said...

yeah. good thing a-rod quit doing steroids in 03 and only plays the game the right way now.

Frigidevil said...

And this is why I keep coming back here

Bye Bye Balboni said...

My goodness, the Sawx are already five games back. And they don't traditionally start fading until about July.

This could get even uglier.