Friday, April 23, 2010

Scranton Yankees Brutally Beat Beloved Syracuse Mascot with Baseball Bat

For two years, the beloved mascot known as "Pops" has roamed the stands of Syracuse's Your-Name-Here Stadium, bringing smiles to children of all ages.

Last night, mean Jon Weber nearly put an end to it. 


Joe De Pastry said...

Maybe Weber was so frustrated by not making the team after hitting .452 this spring that he's trying to show them what else he can do. The next time they struggle against a nobody pitcher they could use somebody like Jon to send a bat flying in his direction. Just to get him Rapuanoed for a while, not to really hurt him of course.

michael kei said...

Best part: “It was hilarious,’’ said Weber, who blamed the airborne bat on pine tar slickened by the cold night air. “They ought to put that on YouTube or something.’’

Driven By Sheep said...

I was there- and I want to see it again. We need video.