Friday, April 30, 2010

The Bearded Bleater Attacks John

In today's NY Murdoch, Phil Mushnick lashes out at The Master for centering our White House love-in.

Looking like a wax figure, Sterling was posed and positioned so perfectly and prominently in the Yankees/President photos and videos you'd have recalled that he made the catch on Bill Mazeroski to end the 1960 World Series, then, in 1996, sold his playoff seats to Jeffrey Maier's dad.

Is Ryan Seacrest not a key component of American Idol? Did Ed McMahon not share in the success of The Tonight Show? Did Cher not need Sonny? Did Tennille not rely on the Capitan? That Washington stage needed John. It should have included all who sacrified to win in 2009.

We were not miffed by the snub. We're used to it. We understand. By excluding us, the Yankees give us cover to print truth and attack evil in ways unconnected to the team. We're the disinfo/psycho warfare wing of the Yankees. We must operate in the shadows. So be it.  John symbolizes our service. Front and center. Thuuuuuuuuuh Master.

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